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We sharpen our tools daily. You know that Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”? So, review our toolset and processes is a part of our daily routine to make sure that when our company will start your project, it will be like Formula 1 pitstop - fast and efficient.

You can even call us “the team of lifelong learners”.

We contribute to opensource projects we are actively using. When we see the problem there, we propose the solution and give it to the community.

Usually software development requires “quiet place”. The best time to be loud - during the meetings, when you need to bring your ideas to make clients’ goals to be fulfilled. So, feel free to express yourself!

2 weeks ago we did Coca Cola vs Pepsi blind testing (or tasting? probably, both). Few days later - pizza and beers to celebrate successful completion of the project. Week ago - photoset in the office. Having fun is nearly the same important, as serious meetings, because it helps us to be a true TEAM!

We declared our office a “bullshit-free zone”. Only practical things. Only working deadlines. Only clearly-defined goals. “Dream big” doesn’t means “promise your client something non-realistic”

Let’s work together! Just drop us a line what you are doing and we will think how to help you.


Among a thousand companies you only need one. Maybe, your journey is over?

We do our job well and honestly - no double bottoms and poorly working results.

we do


  • Clean & valid markup: HTML (incl. HTML5, pug and other template engines)
  • Elegant styling: CSS (incl. CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Less, PostCSS)
  • Polished CSS frameworks: Bootstrap and Foundation, BEM methodology
  • Neat scripting: Vanilla JavaScript (or jQuery, if you really need it) + all modern JS stack - ES5/ES6/ES7/ES8, Babel, Gulp/Grunt, WebPack etc.
  • Stunning animations: from simple CSS3 to complex JS-managed (Canvas, SVG, GSAP aka GreenSock, Snap.svg) ones.
  • Front-end optimization: we know how to achieve 90+ on GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, WCAG 2.0 and other automated checking tools.


  • Most of our works are based on WordPress and we are majorly proficient with it (including WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Advanced Custom Fields, Unyson, WMPL, etc.).
  • But we are also qualified in classic LEMP stack (Linux + nginx + PHP + MySQL) and, particularly, in Laravel as our PHP framework of choice.
  • Some websites do not require a CMS at all - simple static pages with scripts and API integrations are cheaper and faster. Our very HHT website is developed this way.
  • Also we are actively using Docker, AWS tools, CDNs and lots of other professional instruments.


fixed price

  • Suitable for large projects with clearly defined scope.
  • We start the development only after documenting technical specifications.
  • Design should be ready before the start.

hourly rate

  • Better fit for small fixes and projects, where scope is not fully specified. This is the only way we work on Agile projects.
  • Hourly rate is good for on-foot adjustments and changes - less limitations.


CSSDesign Awards


css nectar






meet our team

Maxim Radchenko

CEO / Founder

Iryna Shcherbyna

Animation Director / Co-founder

Yuriy Timoshenkov

Solution Architect / Co-founder

Alexey Merkulov

Tech Lead / Co-founder

Yevhenii Andrieiev

Project Manager

Dmytro Yeromin

Full-stack Developer

Alexandr Liubinskiy

Front-end Developer

Maxim Khvishchuk

Full-stack Developer

Mariia Vitiuk

Front-end Developer

Maksym Tymoshenko

Front-end Developer

Philip Korchagin

Back-end Developer

Oleg Irchishyn

Front-end Intern

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